Mexico: Casa de Respiro Albergue

Mexico: Casa de Respiro Albergue


The state of Oaxaca, located in southern México, is home to 3.5 million people, 53% of whom live in remote, rural areas. Medical services are limited in rural areas. Local indigenous populations often must travel to Oaxaca City to receive services. 5% of the indigenous population speak only their local language, 50% are undereducated, 70% are poverty-stricken. They arrive financially, emotionally and spiritually bereft. They are required to stay within a short distance of the hospital where their loved one is so that they can provide the medicine and other needs of their loved one. They are often robbed, they sleep in the streets, they lack dignified ways of taking care of their personal needs, and they are forced to rely on hand outs for food

Our Vision-
We desire to work alongside Mexican nationals to create a facility where those receiving medical help at two outlying hospitals can access:
A safe place to sleep
Nutritious meals
Clean bathroom facilities
Clothes washing facilities
The gospel in their language
Christians to support them
A way to earn money


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