Uganda: Tools & Bibles


Nourishing Spiritual and Physical Hunger in Northern Uganda

The people of Uganda have suffered terribly because of civil war and unrest, locust infestations, and rampant poverty. The Tools & Bibles initiative seeks to build up the churches and believers in the Diocese of Lango by putting farm tools in the hands of local farmers, and local-language Bibles in every home.

“A hungry stomach has no ears

The fertile land in Northern Uganda is a critical asset, and agriculture is the backbone of Uganda’s economy. Putting Bibles and garden tools in the hands of the local people will not only nourish them physically but will cultivate stronger disciples and healthier churches.

• Goal: $50,000

• Raised: $40,000

• Each Bible: $8

• Each Tool: $3

Join us in our efforts to close the gap by raising the final $10,000. Thank you for your gift to our Tools & Bibles project.

To learn more about the Tools & Bibles initiative, watch this discussion.