Paraguay:  COVID Relief

Paraguay: COVID Relief


Tim and Margarita Revett and Sue Givens will be working together with a number of agencies to provide assistance to Paraguayan families who have been impacted by the Covid-19 Pandemic. This project will include assisting churches to share hope with their communities, through various projects:
1. Finish a medical clinic in a remote area where the people are denied medical assistance since the hospital about thirty minutes away only serves Covid-19 patients.
2. To convert a well from pumping with a generator to solar panels. A poor indigenous village does not have electricity. The majority of people have lost their jobs during this crisis; they were struggling to pay the gas to run the generator. We just word that the generator died. We are rushing to convert this well to solar panels to provide water for the tribe of about sixty residents.
3. In a number of communities, we will work with pastors or missionaries to provide food for soup kitchen (shared cooking pots) or coupons to purchase food for families who have lost their income.
4. Provide evangelistic opportunities for children and youth during the months of Nov. through Feb. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Paraguay is talking of still having shut-downs. We have many children and youth who are failing and this program may be a chance to help students.
5. Providing computers and internet services to area churches to provide tutoring areas and connection sites for students in need. Working with the pastors and local church members, we will be able to provide devotions and prayer for the students and their families.
6. Setting up micro-business opportunities and developing food source programs for many families.
7. Providing opportunities for some individuals impacted by loss of employment to receive compensation for help with various parts of this project.