Beirut Crisis Relief

United World Mission partners with two trusted ministries in Beirut that are uniquely positioned to make a huge difference where over 200 were killed, 1000s injured, and 300,000 people left homeless by the explosion on August 4, 2020.

We are aiming to raise $60,000 for emergency crisis assistance to Lebanon through these two trusted and well-respected partners.

Resurrection Church of Beirut (RCB) is an active and growing missional church located in a highly strategic part of Beirut, Lebanon. They serve a combined average of over 2000 Lebanese people and Syrian and Iraqi refugees in 3 different campuses. They reach out to refugees with food, clothes, community, and with the good news of Christ.

In response to the tragic explosion, RCB is reaching out to victims of the present crisis by:

    • renovating houses that have been damaged;
    • helping those needing surgery/hospital treatment;
    • helping those who have been displaced.

Donate to RCB

The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary (ABTS) equips leaders throughout the Middle East and North Africa.  Given this crisis, ABTS is turning their guest rooms and student housing into emergency housing for families whose homes were destroyed in the blast. Even now they are hosting first responders.  Funds are needed to transform rooms into housing for families, ongoing maintenance and utilities, and to provide meals for these displaced families.

Donate to ABTS

In addition to your financial generosity, please join us in prayer for the following:

    • People who have lost loved ones
    • Those who lost their homes and businesses.
    • Those who are injured, those in pain.
    • People who have a lot of damage done to their homes
    • Churches as they attend to the care of their congregations
    • People have lost hope with yet another “hit” to Lebanon. Many nervous breakdowns.