Uganda: COVID Relief – I Got Shoes

Uganda: COVID Relief – I Got Shoes


Gary & Penny have been partnering with the Shalom children’s project for several years in Uganda. The schools we work with are in impoverished areas with many orphans and widows to care for. With schools closed in C-19 Lockdown the vulnerable women and children are struggling to find basic food to eat.
300 families in Rakai and Kampala are identified as having serious needs. 16 dollars will provide 10 kg of maize flour and 5 kg of beans that will feed a group of 5 for two weeks.

With your help we will alleviate extreme poverty and prevent starvation through relief in families linked to our Shalom Children’s project and I Got Shoes partners in Uganda.

It would wonderful for you to help as many as possible!

Thank you for your prayers and generosity. – Penny and Gary Seithel

Change a life not just for today but for their future!


“Defend the defenceless, the fatherless and the forgotten”. Psalm 82:3