Uganda: I Got Shoes

Uganda: I Got Shoes


Providing a child with a pair of shoes is a stepping stone into education, begins to break the cycle of poverty and improves the health of a generation.

For the past two years, we have been working directly with Shalom Children’s Project in Rakai District, Kyotera, Uganda close to the border with Tanzania. Rakai is a remote and impoverished district which has been severely impacted by HIV/AIDS. This school and center is run by our Church Planting training partners in the School of Ministries we have been teaching with since 2014. They are expressing the Father heart of God through schools in vulnerable communities.

Why shoes?

If a child has no shoes, they cannot go to school. Shoes are a stepping stone to education!

More than 1.5 billion people suffer from soil-transmitted diseases worldwide. Without shoes, children and women are especially vulnerable to tungiasis (jiggers), hookworm and other diseases. Without treatment people suffer lethargy, anaemia, and painful infections which can become life-threatening. Shoes provide a simple low cost solution. For more information about the I Got Shoes initiative, click here.

How you can help?

$20 will provide a child with shoes expandable up to 5 sizes!

While we start with shoes, there’s even more we can do! The next steps towards education include helping children with uniform and school fees:

$25 will provide school uniform for a year.
$45 will provide school fees for a year in rural areas, $75 urban.

$90 total to give a Christ centered foundation in life for a year in Rural Uganda!
$120 total in Urban areas like Kampala where the Shalom project has another school.

Thank you for any help you can give. – Penny and Gary Seithel
Change a life not just for today but for their future!


“Defend the defenceless, the fatherless and the forgotten”. Psalm 82:3


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