Brazil: Victory Ministries COVID Relief

Brazil: Victory Ministries COVID Relief


Due to the CONVID-19 world crisis, Church retreats/camps, programs we sponsor and our training programs till August have been canceled or re-scheduled for after September. We are waiting to decide if we must cancel July Winter Camps for Kids and Teens.

The city council of Três Ranchos created an emergency law making it illegal to rent any vacation homes/camp facilities for groups till this crisis is over. We had to make the difficult decision of ending the work contract of both of our paid employees due to the financial strain we are going into and their wages representing 2/3 of our fixed monthly expenses. In Brazil, labor laws are very employee focused and we must pay over US$5,000 to these employees for ending their work contract, this depleted our ministry emergency savings.

Because of this un-expected situation, Camp Victoria needs to raise an emergency monthly financial aid of $1,000 for the fixed expenses from April till September (6 months).

Please pray for and consider helping us achieve this emergency financial need. God bless you!