Colombia: Comunidad Cristiana de Fe

Colombia: Comunidad Cristiana de Fe


Comunidad Cristiana de Fe, Medellín, (Christian Community of Faith, Medellín, Colombia) is a church contagious of love that follows the dream of Jesus to see multitudes made disciples in the river of the Holy Spirit. We are a community of over 8,000 that worship God on the weekends, meet in small groups and grow through a discipleship process. Most importantly, we make a difference in service to our city through social work and our foundation, Viento Fresco (Fresh Wind).

We are always giving ourselves away in love and honor to our sports clubs for high risk children, giving groceries to those in need, writing letters and visiting the sick in hospitals, doing prison ministry, feeding the homeless, and funding missionaries in Colombia, Honduras, and Africa. We are led by our Pastors Juangui, an ex soccer player, and Lili Ricuarte and founded by Andrew and Kathy McMillan, but mostly it is our community who really make the difference.

HERE you can connect with us and our weekly messages that have been translated to English.

We love you already! A big “Paisa” hug from Medellín. And thank you for considering supporting us.

Check out our website HERE.