Uganda: Angel Capital

Uganda: Angel Capital


Angel Investor: Your part.

You are an Individual with business and leadership experience. OR you are an organization or investment club looking to be part of helping others get their business off the ground.  You have a proven track record of creating successful ventures. You want to see businessmen and women in a developing country have a chance to become successful and care for their own needs and the needs of their families and those in their communities. Among these qualities and donating any amount of money will make you an Angel Investor.

Our Angel investors are reminded this program is about investing in people not projects, and that God gets the glory through our testimonies and transformed lives and that is our ROI, Return On Investment. The truest way to love God is to love His people through Word and deed.

Ekisinga: Our part.

We have trained all the recipients of the investment capital through a 100-hour rigorous business course. We vet all ideas through an in-depth business plan. Picking only the ones our panel deems a good risk. We match candidates with the appropriate amount needed. We continue to do “due diligence” through mentoring and coaching and idea sharing. We record certain benchmarks to include in our Invertors Report. Ekisinga is the beneficiary of the investment dividends and that will vary depending on each MOU and then those dividends in turn become Angel Investments for future graduates.

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