Mexico: Missions Mobilization

Mexico: Missions Mobilization


Mexico is a country that has received North American missionaries for generations. These missionaries have shared the Gospel, planted churches, taught in seminaries, trained leaders, and served in holistic ministries that have encouraged and inspired our Mexican brothers and sisters to know and follow Jesus and participate in the Great Commission. Mexican host families and churches that have received missionary interns through UWM’s Avance Program (formerly known as Spearhead) over the past 50 years have expressed their desire to serve in missions, and there are not enough Mexican sending agencies to respond to the growing number of Latino men and women who desire to participate in the Great Commission.

UWM has responded by opening a sending office in Mexico City and supporting missionaries and local staff to provide cross-cultural training, administrative structure, spiritual formation, member care and leadership development to help support the new wave of Latino missionaries that God is raising up to go to the nations, in partnership with their local churches. These future Latino missionaries will share the Gospel, plant churches, teach in seminaries, train leaders, serve in holistic ministries and much more within Latin America and to the ends of the earth, some in restricted access contexts for North American missionaries.

Support the Mexico Missions Mobilization Movement and be a part of sending the growing wave of Latino missionaries to the nations. Missions is from all the world to all the world!