USA: Holy Ground Community Group


The Holy Ground Community Garden is located in Northeast Philadelphia, USA.

Holy Ground is a sacred space set apart to cultivate community among our international neighbors through a shared love of gardening and friendship. This project was begun by Chris and Rachel Conley, in partnership with the INN: Metro Philadelphia in Spring 2021.

In a densely populated area, many of our international neighbors come from agricultural societies and struggle in the inner city with quality of life, loneliness and isolation. We desire Holy Ground to be a place where all are welcomed in the name of Jesus. We welcome local churches to partner with us through financial giving, volunteering and participating in events.

Each year, we host a variety of events: A women’s Art and Conversation group, ESL events in partnership with GROW ESL, Backyard BBQs, holiday events and more. We also invite local refugee families to adopt garden boxes and plant vegetables. Most of the produce is given away to local refugees/internationals in need.
Mostly, it is a space where we hope others find healing and hope, surrounded by a loving community of Jesus followers.

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