West Africa: VIRA Loan Fund

West Africa: VIRA Loan Fund


In Togo, about 40% of the population claim that they are
Christians with the rest being Muslim with a few Animists. Ifthe kingdom of God is to expand and multiply M’gliwe Simdinatome, a pastor and youth leader, believes that we need to disciple the workplace.  Pastor M’gliwe said, “We believe that if Kingdom Entrepreneurs live their faith at the workplace and impact lives, it will be a huge opportunity to expand the Kingdom of God in Togo while addressing many societal issues.”

Last year at our FOJEC 2017 Conference we attracted 300 young men and women for entrepreneurial training. After the conference we worked with many and ended up granting loans to 25 people who started new businesses.

There are more than 1.2 billion people in Africa, the majority are under 35 and live in significant poverty. As we work to build up the Kingdom of God today’s global realities require us to address the holistic needs of populations. To this end we assist churches to make disciple-makers and train, mentor, develop and catalyze economic opportunities with Kingdom minded entrepreneurs.

By addressing the church, business communities, health concerns, and education realities our ability to spread the gospel and see God transform lives is accelerating.

Join us by assisting us to build an adequate loan fund. Our loans are repaid and the fund is growing however as a start up ourselves we need additional capital to lend. Consider joining us in creating a new Africa. One that is less dependent and more sustainable. Do it now.