West Africa: VIRA Translations

West Africa: VIRA Translations


In Togo, about 40% of the population claim that they are Christians with the rest being Muslim with a few Animists.
Pastor and youth leader, M’gliwe Simdinatome, believes that we need to disciple the workplace f the kingdom of God is to expand and multiply. Overseeing work in nine French speaking nations the need for equipping tools in French is mandatory.

One of our tools exists with a partnership, Afribiz Foundation. Afribiz has built a collection of tools and our desire is to translate the 48 modular training courses into French for our people. These essential courses will help us produce bankable Kingdom entrepreneurs who in turn will provide needed jobs and spiritual influence in the workplace.

Join us by assisting us to translate these modules. Join us in creating a new Africa. One that is less dependent and more sustainable. Do it now.