Mexico: Spiritual Formation

Mexico: Spiritual Formation



This project focuses on providing spiritual retreats and training resources for ministry leaders in Mexico. We are seeking to provide spaces for leaders to draw aside to be renewed in their relationship with Jesus and to be refreshed for long-term effectiveness in ministry. Our desire is to provide retreats in English for current UWM missionaries and other partner ministries, provide bilingual retreats in Spanish and English, and provide retreats in Spanish for Mexican ministry leaders.

We are also looking to develop Spiritual mentoring groups that provide safe times, safe places, and safe people for ministry leaders to interact with on a regular basis.

Prayer Request:

Pray with us that the Lord will raise up a Spiritual formation resource team in Mexico to provide these opportunities to our missionaries and Mexican ministry leaders.
Pray for individuals interested in translating and producing contextualized materials for Mexico and other contexts in Latin America.
Pray that the Lord will raise up new leaders in the area of Spiritual Formation in Mexico.