DR Congo: Congo Initiative

DR Congo: Congo Initiative


God has used the Christian Bilingual University of Congo (or UCBC) for incredible impact in a region destabilized by violence, Ebola and now COVID-19. UCBC is delivering a stream of high-quality graduates (over 680 to date) in a range of disciplines in the DR Congo economy. However, there is significant potential to increase the quality of education through student exposure to high quality international teaching and research. The ability to do this is heavily handicapped by the lack of a suitable, low cost data supply to the university. The current bandwidth and speed are much too low to facilitate video-conferencing, widespread journal access and in-depth internet-based research for more than a few students and staff. This project will provide an IT infrastructure to provide access to 450 students and staff of UCBC to collaborate with both international and local partners and facilitate more compelling research. It also increases capacity for safe and effective work and reduces risk during the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for partnering with UCBC!

Prayer Requests:

  • Peace and stability in eastern DRC, especially an end to armed groups activity around Beni territory where UCBC is located.
  • Wisdom for navigating COVID on UCBC’s campus when testing is very limited.
  • The hope of God’s Kingdom to sustain the work of Congo Initiative and for our staff and students to display this hope in our community.

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