Regional Directors Fund

Make Your Gift

Thank you for your prayerful support and financial contribution to the Regional Directors Fund. With your help, we believe that we can raise $75,000 by the end of June to fuel the Regional Directors’ global ministries.

Your support will empower our Regional Directors to deliver critical impact for the flourishing of the Global Church. Our 10 Regional Directors are based in each region of the Majority World and are recognized in their regions and globally for their expertise and experience in both the church and in theological education. By supporting both seminaries and churches in equipping Christian leaders, they are truly on the front lines of confronting the Global Leadership Challenge in which 9 out of 10 churches are led by pastors who have not received adequate training.

To help reach our goal, generous friends of the ministry have created a matching grant for the first $15,000 contributed. Please take advantage of this exciting opportunity before it runs out at the end of June!


Thank you!