Middle East Student Scholarships

Middle East Student Scholarships


Will you help us confront the leadership deficit in Middle Eastern churches?

Did you know that the Church is growing in the Middle East?  Yes, the Middle East is experiencing a work of God’s grace that is leading to a fresh emergence of The Church in the land of Scripture! For example, did you know that the Church in Iran is growing faster than the Church anywhere else in the World?

This news leads to a startling fact: In the Middle East (as is true for the Church in the rest of the World), 9 out of 10 churches are led by leaders who have not received adequate training.

Why is this fact so surprising, and also troubling?

Without well-equipped, flourishing leaders who are rightly dividing, teaching and preaching Scripture—and serving in the Way of Jesus—churches are wide-open to heresies and self-inflated leadership.  We don’t just hope for more churches in the world.  We hope for more churches that are led by well-equipped leaders.  Equipped Leaders are positioned to care for and strengthen their churches. Stronger, healthier, flourishing churches are positioned to love well and evangelize effectively. Our goal is to see relevant theological education, spiritual formation, and practical training accessible to every ministry leader in every nation! 

On Giving Tuesday, December 3, we have a unique opportunity to address this immense leadership deficit in Middle Eastern Churches.  In the Middle East, scholarships for the Church Leaders are one of the most urgent needs.  Some of these emerging leaders no longer have the financial backing of friends and family.

They were cut off from these relationships due to their profession of faith. The Global Church has the opportunity to share with them and propel their leadership and churches forward.  There are few more cost-effective ways to invest in the Church’s future than through scholarships for needy students.  Investing in one leader can have an enormous impact upon the Church in his or her country—the ripple effects from one graduate can affect nations and generations.

We want to raise $30,000, which will help provide 30 year-long scholarships at Middle East Seminaries for 30 pastors. Please consider a gift of $1,000, $500, $250, or $100. 

We are grateful for your participation in this sharing initiative with the emerging Church in the Middle East!