Women in Theological Education – Africa


United World Mission seeks to make theological education and ministry training accessible to the high number of pastors and leaders who are outside the reach of current programs. Research indicates that 9 out of 10 men and women currently leading churches in the Majority world lack formal theological education. This project addresses the lack of well-equipped women leaders in the African Church who typically face even more obstacles to formal training than do men. While there are several organizations supporting theological education generally, women-to-women mentoring programs are a novelty on the continent – especially in theological education.

We will be working with students, faculty, and leadership at over 15 institutions and organizations across Africa. The project will be guided and informed by a core leadership team made up of African women who will ensure that the project is culturally appropriate to the people being served.

We are hoping to make the following impact:

  • Women will participate more in theological education and ministry training at seminaries, in churches, and in grassroots training organizations and programs.
  • New programs will be created to further focus on ministry training for women.
  • The proportion of women in leadership positions in seminaries will increase (faculty, board).
  • Women to women mentoring programs will increase and see the 2 Timothy 2:2 principle put into action.

Long-term, our hope is that this project will put women in the focus of theological education as credible and indispensable partners in ministry. Harnessing the ministry and leadership potential of women is integral and strategic for strengthening the Church in Africa and ensuring the healthy expansion and holistic impact of the rapidly growing Christian movements on the continent.