Peru: Scripture Union Abandoned Children

Peru: Scripture Union Abandoned Children


The Girasoles Program began in 1987 with a small group of Peruvian volunteers who wanted to make a difference in the lives of children living in the streets of Lima.

Armed with nothing more than some sandwiches and soccer balls, our volunteers faithfully went out into the streets at night to share Christ’s love with these children. Today, the Girasoles Program is composed of 5 different homes around the country of Peru.

While the children we serve are very culturally diverse, they generally have one common element regardless of their background—a very negative self-image. Many have undergone years of neglect, abuse, and abandonment before arriving to our homes, and after being marginalized and mistreated for so long many of them believe that they are the problem.

Our staff at each home work hard to change their world view. Our goal is to provide a Christian family environment for each child, where they can be nurtured physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We strive to
provide a safe environment for each child coupled with proper care, counseling and education.

Our message to each child is that they do not have to be defined by their past. Instead, we share that God created them in His image with a specific purpose. For that reason, they have infinite value, are worthy of being loved and sharing that love with others.