Costa Rica: CEDCAS


Give a gift that will impact a family for eternity in 2024

Medical-Dental Clinic
The clinic has been able to subsidize patients in medicine, dental work, glasses or with ultrasound consultations. These subsidies are possible through our partnership over the years. You can make a difference to a family by helping pay a doctor visit $50/person, dental care $100/person or eyeglasses $60/person.

Kids’ club “Seeds of Love”
This past year, we served 4,780 hot meals to children (105 kids) and our elderly(40 elderly). These meals have a cost of $40/child or elderly/month which our partnership covers completely. We also helped to provide complete uniforms to 68 children with a cost of $100/each (incluldes shirt, pants, socks, shoes, gyms uniform and sweater) and back packs to 125 children with school supples ($60/each). We also have a scholarship program.

Food Bags and baby chicks
The economic situal continue to impact many of our families from the shanty town of Guarari. We helped 185 families with food bags, cost of $50 each. Four hundred baby laying hen chicks cost $2,000 which start producing eggs in about 5 months and then lay one egg a day for the next 3-4 years. Great investment for a long term sustainable project.

Remodeling, repairing shacks and building bridges
This past year, we have helped 8 families that live in shacks, repair the electrical wiring o fix clogged toilets, repair roofs and walls and repair bridges. We use $500-$1000 on each shack. Sometimes, we are able to do this work with our mission teams that come to help us serve.

Lillian Solt