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The church in Africa grew from 50,000 Christians to over 360 million Christians in the 20th century, and the growth has not stopped. Unfortunately, this growth sometimes has been described as a “mile wide and an inch deep.” Theological education in Africa is critical for maturing the church–which has the potential to be world leaders in global Christianity in the 21st century.

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Latin America and the Caribbean

The church in Latin America has grown from approximately 30,000 Protestant Christians to over 50 million. A high percentage of church leaders have not had any formal theological education and the rapidly growing Church is at risk due to false teachings of various sorts. Overseas Council is working with its partners throughout the Latin American and the Caribbean regions to innovate and make ministry training accessible to more and more of those leaders already serving congregations and planting new ones.

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Middle East and North Africa

God is doing amazing things in the Middle East in our day, even in the midst of brokenness and warfare. Multitudes are coming to Christ after seeing Jesus in dreams and also after experiencing the love and prayers of Christians. We are blessed to come alongside wonderful seminary partners whose dedication and innovation in theological education is exemplary. We seek to encourage and facilitate their vision, to equip leaders in very difficult contexts–where God is at work!

Give to Middle East and North Africa



Eastern Europe and Central Asia

Despite the challenges of this war torn region, the Church continues to proclaim Christ and the reconciliation of the Gospel. Seminaries and Bible schools in the region are determined to equip leaders that can form the church as a counter-cultural witness to the divisions and resentments of this world. Our task is to assist them and to resource their initiatives.

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South Asia

God is on the move among many unreached people groups in South Asia. The major religions in the subcontinent of more than one billion people are Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Christianity, with the majority practicing Hinduism. With our partnerships in South Asia, Overseas Council is equipping leaders to have an impact in the context of persecution.

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Southeast Asia

Even though Christianity in the context of Southeast Asia only represents 2% of the population, it has recently begun to make a cultural impact. Overseas Council and our regional partners are playing an important role in shaping some aspects of the current Southeast Asian context, especially in the areas of education and social work.

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The Church in China continues to multiply and the need for equipped leaders multiplies with it. Overseas Council is assisting vital Chinese seminaries as they equip Chinese leaders in their own nation to advance God’s kingdom.

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