Scott Cook

Scott Cook


I am educating and training future pastors and ministry workers to go into hard-to-reach places to plant churches and minister the Word of God. My ministry involves theological education, pastoral training, and pastoring and counseling the young people under my care. Many of these young people are rescued orphans who grew up in a Christian orphanage ministry with whom I will be serving and partnering. They have been called by God to leave this shelter when they are fully prepared to go and pass on what has been given to them by the grace of God. I am there to guide them and prepare them for this departure with deep scriptural knowledge, sound doctrine, and pastoral skills so that they may embark well on the journey to which they have been called. They await this day with heavy anticipation, and so are, with me, very willing students. God has called me to live among these young people and to use the gifts of teaching and knowledge he has provided to bear this weight alongside them.

Prayer Requests:

  • As I have yet to launch and am now raising support and seeking ministry partnerships, please pray for this ongoing process, for God to provide partners and funds with which to launch and sustain me and the ministry.
  • There are still many details to be addressed, please pray that I stay the course.
  • Please pray for my students and all under my care, that they would know Christ through me.

Stay in Touch:
Email: scott.cook@uwm.org