Carluci dos Santos

Carluci dos Santos


For the next couple of years, I will continue to focus on leadership development and mobilization of the Latin American diaspora in Canada and, hopefully, create more synergy with the Latin American diaspora in the USA. I am already involved in two ministries as the Canadian Director of COMIBAM Canada, that is, the organization and leadership of COMIBAM Canada (Latin American church networking/mobilization for missions) and the expository preaching (www.Comibam.org; https://comibam.org/es/que-es-comibam/). I also work as one of the coordinators for the Expository Preaching movement with the Latin American diaspora in Canada under Langham. I will continue to give leadership to these two ministries in Canada. I will continue to teach theology and Scriptures, informally and formally, from a Christological and missiological hermeneutical point of view, that is, God sent His Son and His Son sent his disciples into the world to proclaim the forgiveness of sins and salvation under His Name.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for my onboarding with UWM, as I meet new team players and connect with its ministries in North and Latin America.
  • Please pray for my ongoing work with the Latin American diaspora in Canada, through mobilization for missions and expository preaching.
  • Please pray for my fundraising.


For those who wish to support my ministry financially, contributions can be made through the following avenues:

Donations by cheque should be sent to the UWM Canada office:
United World Mission – Canada 

PO Box Box 602 

Winkler Stn Main, MB R6W 4A4 



Stay in Touch:
Email: carluci.dos.santos@uwm.org