Mike and Sarah Martin

Mike and Sarah Martin


We will serve in London, England with the Alliance for Transatlantic Theological Training (AT-3) and are anticipating heading abroad in Summer 2023.

We are excited to help London church planters grow the global church!

Mike will complete a 2-yr apprenticeship with AT-3 where he will earn a Graduate degree in theology and serve full-time with the local church. He will help equip and support London’s church-planting pastors through partnerships that include evangelism, discipleship, and teaching.

Sarah will partner with a budding church plant in south Central London, helping facilitate small groups, developing servant leaders and sharing the Gospel with the community.

Ida and Samantha will attend public school in our neighborhood and will be loving friends in their school, our neighborhood and church with Christ-honoring hearts and behaviors.


Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for the process of raising support and our support team.
  • Building local partnerships in London is key for our ministry. Please join us in praying for the partnerships already established and those He will be leading us to.
  • God has called our entire family to be missionaries in London; this includes Ida and Samantha. Please pray for the girls as they transition to a new culture and new friends.

Stay in Touch:
Email: sarah.martin@uwm.org


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