Moira Millan

Moira Millan


I will be working at a community center in the capital of Mexico, giving English lessons and overall assisting with the different classes offered there. I will also be doing ministry in the local community church. The church and community center are tightly connected, allowing me to build relationships with everyone that I come across, from kids to senior citizens. Relational ministry is hugely important in what I’ll be doing, and I invite you to partner with me in sharing the gospel with the people of Mexico City through your financial and prayerful support.

Prayer Requests:

  • That I fully trust God in this season of fundraising.
  • For Him to work through me so I can share the gospel successfully in the Mexican cultural context.
  • That I’m able to partner with individuals and share my ministry with them for the advancement of God’s kingdom.

Stay in Touch:
Email: moira.millan@uwm.org