Ben Larivee

Ben Larivee


My Ministry will be a dual role. I will be serving on Campus at UNAM and at a local church. My goal will be to disciple and share Christ with college students through activities, clubs, and English classes. I will spend my time there developing relationships that hopefully will lead others to Christ and develop my skills in furthering Gods kingdom wherever I go. My personal goal is to be able to walk with students in the areas of life that are hard and challenging and through that to grow and learn with them, and to see God work in there lives. I will also be serving at the local church. My exact role in the church I will be going to is not yet solidified, but it will most likely include bible studies and small groups, maybe being on the welcoming team or even just cleanup after the service depending on where the need is when I am there. The goal here is to be fully immersed in where I am. to grow connected with those around me and truly learn to lead and follow respectively.

Prayer Requests:

  • For discipline in my actions and thoughts, in how I spend my time and where I focus my efforts.
  • For wisdom in everything I do, specifically the words I use especially across language barriers.
  • And lastly that I would be content in this work. That I would be challenged thoroughly and grow in huge ways. And that my eyes would be opened to what God is doing in Mexico City, at home, and everywhere else.

Stay in Touch:
Email: jtblarivee@gmail.com