Russo, Vinny

Russo, Vinny


Our ministry is to mobilize to and from Thailand!
Thailand is considered “unreached” with less than 1% evangelical, and we want to welcome in followers of Christ outside the country to participate in some of the work that God is doing through local churches. Some of these ministries include college campus/ church planting, refugees, migrant children’s education, and an opportunity for our female workers to minister to women in the “red-light” district. We also aspire to mobilize Thai Christians in Bangkok, to unengaged parts of Thailand, as well as other countries in South East Asia.
Those who join us will stay for 2 years: the first year spent learning language, and the second engaging in ministry. Most importantly, our program has a large emphasis on Spiritual Formation. The reality is, those who join us will be impacted more than they will themselves make an impact. And we want Christ to be at the center of it all.

Prayer Requests:

  • 60% of my monthly budget by the end of March of 2022.
  • Our team is still in the beginning stages and is in need of workers to pave the way for these 2-year programs. So, pray for more laborers to help in the harvest.
  • Last but not least, we are still working on a housing arrangement for me in Bangkok, pray that an opportunity for me to live with either a healthy Thai Christian family or young male Thai believers.

Stay in Touch:
Email: Vinny.Russo@UWM.org