Greg and Corrie Burgers

Greg and Corrie Burgers


Hello! We are the Burgers family – Greg, Corrie, Elisha and Zephaniah. As a family, we are committed to theological education and discipleship of pastors and leaders for the purpose of seeing the church flourish in Biblical literacy and love for God – in order that the Gospel would be spread. We are responding to this passion of ours by partnering with ESEPA seminary in Costa Rica.

Prayer Requests:

  • Our children will grow to know and love Jesus.
  • The supernatural ability to become familiar with and fluent in a culture and language not our own.
  • Strong relationships of mutual upbuilding with both the faculty and students of ESEPA seminary and fruitful relationships within Costa Rica.

Stay in Touch:
Email: gregandcorrie@gmail.com

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