Tori Greaves & Ruben Ninahuanca

Tori Greaves & Ruben Ninahuanca


INFEMIT (International Fellowship for Mission as Transformation) and CETI (Community of Interdisciplinary Theological Studies)
Our passion- what we long to see -are Christian communities and individuals who live out the gospel holistically, authentically, and transformatively in every area of life.

I (Tori) pursue my passion by partnering with the ministries of INFEMIT and CETI. As INFEMIT’s Director of Operations, I enable ministry leaders from across the world to build fellowship and share resources that will strengthen the Church worldwide. As CETI’s Registrar, I connect students with theological education opportunities that will shape them to be faithful leaders in their communities.

Rubén pursues this passion in his work for Paz y Esperanza, advocating for the rights of indigenous people so they can build flourishing communities. Rubén, Tori, and their family also work together to provide educational opportunities for youth in marginalized communities.

Our desire is to serve the global Church by raising up Christians who follow God into every corner of life and seek transformation.

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray with us for the Peruvian people, who have been devastated this year by COVID-19, the economic recession, and political corruption. We long for a society in which people are willing and able to work together for peace and justice.
  • We also appreciate your prayers for our safety as we seek to travel back to Peru, after being stuck in the U.S. due to the pandemic.
  • Please also pray that our offerings through our work would be a blessing to the people we serve.

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