Sergio Zapata Grajales

Sergio Zapata Grajales


Sergio Zapata is a missionary scholar in Colombia and is currently completing a PhD in New Testament at Fuller Theological Seminary (Pasadena, CA). The church in the global south (especially in South America) has had unprecedented growth. In Colombia, for example, it is estimated that there are about 10 million Christians (20% of the population), in thousands of churches. But in a year, there are just over 300 pastors being trained in accredited institutions in the country. In these seminars, the greatest need are professors with the highest academic levels who can create a systematic and rigorous learning experience of the biblical text. Sergio seeks to contribute to the teaching of the New Testament; he will be able to prepare responsible pastors that know to read the Scriptures and are prepared to develop a work in a local church in a consistent way and with roots that allow longevity in the ministry.

Prayer Requests:

  • For personal holiness, strength.
  • Wisdom to teach students to interpret the Bible.
  • God’s provision to raise my funds.

Stay in Touch:
Email: sergiozapata@fuller.edu