Unreached peoples are coming here from other nations. How do I go to the lost, the foreigner, or the stranger? How about the mandate to go into all the world to make disciples? Revelation 7:9 directs our steps for such a great multitude, no one could number, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages are standing before the throne and before the Lamb!

The prophet Isaiah was told by God to give the Word that sustains the weary. Thus, we want to be used by God to glorify Him in sharing the jewels of His Word. May it be so that He will raise up new believers who will be laborers for His harvest! Through teaching English and building relationships, we introduce Jesus to those who do not know Him. We help activate the Church in North American missions and establish partnerships to create disciple-making movements among their people in the United States and abroad.

Prayer Requests:

  • Ask for a spiritual hunger and thirst to wake up inside of people in the Springs, among our churches, unbelievers, and young people.
  • Pray for The Word of God to impact those who do not know Him. May He open our eyes and ears to pursue His strategy and lead us to people of peace who are ready to know about Jesus.
  • Pray we would share truth abundantly and engage in disciple making.

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