Amalia Harsany

Amalia Harsany


Avance has been in Mexico City for over 50 years and has had over 3500 participants go through its training programs. I have always had a heart to walk along side the young generations for the Kingdom of God. Avance’s mission is to enliven young adults to participate in God’s transformation of the world by equipping Christ-like leaders through cross-cultural engagement, holistic missions, and spiritual formation alongside national churches and ministries. To live out my hearts passion and calling to accompany young adults for the Kingdom, I am serving as the Program Coordinator for Avance Mexico. I serve the participants coming through Avance through their journey of deciding what and where the Lord is calling them too.

Prayer Requests:

  • A prayer of abundance, an abundance of Kingdom workers, an abundance of partners both national and local, an abundance of community, and an abundance of Jesus type love. The prayer is that these abundances sweep through Mexico and all around the world.
  • A prayer of revival of the global church. A desire and want from the younger generations to spread Gods good news and do His work for all nations.
  • A prayer for personal growth. I desire to grow and learn through the community in Mexico.

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