Tawney Miller

Tawney Miller


I currently under a program called Avance in Mexico City with United World Mission. This program is a missions immersion experience. It is specifically geared towards young adults interested in learning more about missions and the process.
I am also a school teacher at a small, private Christian school called Instituto Metropolitano Estrella. It is located in Mexico City. I will continue teaching and assisting at the school to elementary and youth aged kids. I will also continue to build friendships with the students and also the parents as well.
Missions is something God has called me to make a life-long commitment. He has deeply laid on my heart a few years ago. This desire to serve as a missionary has gotten stronger over the years. I believe that continuing with this Avance program in Mexico will continue to equip me for what I need as I go out and serve others.


Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that I get the support that I need to continue my work in Mexico City.
  • That whatever I do when in Mexico will reflect Christ; and that He will be glorified through it all.
  • That God will give me peace and ease any fears or anxieties I might have when I go back to Mexico. Also pray that God will prepare me as I start to work towards going to Mexico and for His protection

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