Jon & Paula Robb

Jon & Paula Robb


It’s hard to believe it’s already more than a year since we returned from our 25 years in China! So much has changed in our lives, including our location and our ministry. But our focus on partnering with other Believers to reach the world around us with the Gospel of Jesus Christ has not changed!

Jon is now the Executive Director here at the Center for Intercultural Training (CIT), where we help empower missionaries from around the world to go where the Father is sending them. There are several growing programs through which we do this and a growing number of people who are currently interested in our training to be better equipped. Praise God for this great opportunity!

Prayer Requests:

  • Our support needs in the US are higher than what we needed in China. Please pray that we will soon be fully funded, so that we can afford things like another vehicle and a place to live that is larger than our current one-room apartment.
  • Because CIT is growing, we need wisdom to meet the changing needs of missionaries, many of whom are young, and of a rapidly changing world.
  • As CIT grows, please pray for more people who feel called to join us on our staff.

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