Rosie Sawatzki

Rosie Sawatzki


I serve the people of Costa Rica through working at Iglesia Union. I am blessed to be in leadership of our church’s teen program, Vertical, where we gather once a week to grow closer to God and each other. My hope is to help the teens develop a relationship with God, and learn how to take care of that relationship by the time they graduate and leave the group. I want them to be able to fight for their faith even after leaving the safe confines of a Christian high school or home.

I also serve as assistant to our children’s program directors, offering the best I can in planning and organization, and being present to pour into the kids and our leaders as much as possible.

I love being able to bring laughter, encourage the other church staff (and congregation), and represent the younger generation by providing a fresh, new perspective for our team.


Prayer Requests:

  • That our church staff would be encouraged, energized, and equipped to better love and serve each other and our congregation.
  • That the parents of our teens and kids would know God, have deep relationships with Him, and recognize their unique positions to pour into their kids’ spiritual walks as no other.
  • That our teens and kids would recognize our need of a savior. That they would love God, follow Him, and grow to lead others to Him without shame or hesitation.

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