Rosie Sawatzki

Rosie Sawatzki


Avance has been in Mexico City for over 50 years enlivening young adults to participate in God’s work around the world by equipping Christ-like leaders.

Serving as Project Manager, I’m able to aid in the development of projects within Avance Mexico and it’s growing international sites to see continued and broadened transformation in our communities.

As God has been growing my heart for his people around the world and the role of young people in his plans, I’m excited to use my skills to serve this team that has such a legacy of making lasting impacts.


Prayer Requests:

  • For our team, that, though in transition, we would come together well to serve God as a unit.
  • For the young adults who are currently in our program, that they would continue to learn, grow, and discern God’s calling on their lives.
  • For our local partners in Mexico, that we would continue to have understanding relationships that result in deeper connections with Jesus.

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