Grace Bass

Grace Bass


I will be living and serving with the GoTEN ministry team that partners with UWM to work among the refugee community of Phoenix, AZ. My team lives in low-income apartment complexes alongside these refugee communities in order to build relationships with refugee neighbors and demonstrate God’s love by empowering refugees with language learning, job acquisition, and life skills.

Since 1980, Arizona has resettled almost 90,000 refugees from unreached people groups in places like Iraq, Syria, Iran, Myanmar, Congo, Sudan, Somalia, Nepal, and Afghanistan. Our team has the unique ability to reach the unreached within the United States.

Prayer Requests:

  • The refugee community I will be living alongside, that God will be working on their hearts as well as mine.
  • Confidence and assurance in my calling to Phoenix, as well as finding my place among my team there.
  • God’s continual guidance with every decision and step I continue to make.

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