Nathan & Jenni Bills

Nathan & Jenni Bills


Since 2019 in Accra, Ghana, Team Bills–Nathan, Jenni, Sam (17), Ruby (15), Judah (13), and John Moses (10)–has been involved at Heritage Christian University College. Dr. Nathan serves as the Dean of the School of Human Development, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Theology and Ministry, and the Ambassador and Liaison to International Partners. Jenni is the principal of Team Bills Academy, the homeschool bonanza that enrolls four wonderful students. Team Bills lives on campus and is heavily involved in the Heritage College Church.

Prayer Requests:
  • Please pray for our family and kids—Sam, Ruby, Judah, and John Moses.
  • Please pray for Heritage Christian College, its leadership, faculty, and students.
  • Please pray for Ghana, that there would be opportunities for jobs in place of such high unemployment, for the alleviation of poverty there, and that God who provides would be glorified there.
  • Please pray for our continued openness to the Spirit.

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