Matthew Sult

Matthew Sult


I am serving in Granada, Spain with Avance España. My ministry focuses largely on developing relationships and making an impact within my local community in Spain. I am partnering with a church serving in their youth ministry, as well as helping to develop new programs in order to better serve our community. I am also involved in various community projects, which allow me to holistically care for the people that I am trying to serve and ultimately, love.

Another aspect of my ministry is serving as a member of a local campus ministry at the university in Granada. This will give me the opportunity to love, walk with, and mentor younger men who are students at this university. God used my time at college, and particularly the men who faithfully walked with me, to change me more into the man that God has created me to be. To be able to share that same love with these men excites me eternally as I will be able to share with them the abundant life, hope, and joy that God has given me!

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray that God continues to prepare the hearts of those that I will encounter.
  • Please pray that God continues to work in my heart, purifying it and enomoring me while I faithfully pursue Him.
  • Please pray that God will quickly and faithfully complete my support team, that I might be able to work for His glory in Spain as soon as possible.

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