Dora Mahoe

Dora Mahoe


I will be serving in Phoenix, Arizona with GoTEN.  GoTEN surrounds refugee communities in Phoenix with prayer, love, and truth. With my team, I will be living in a low-income apartment complex alongside refugee communities in order to build relationships with refugee neighbors and demonstrate God’s love by empowering refugees with language learning, job acquisition, and life skills. I will also learn from my team how to share the gospel to refugees in conversation through storytelling and storying groups.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for refugees around the world who are seeking places of safety and refuge. Pray that they can find welcoming Christian communities who will love and share Jesus with them.
  • Pray that the city of Phoenix will continue to embrace refugees and that the refugee and local communities in Phoenix will befriend each other.
  • Pray for GoTEN and that we will continue to be unified and sensitive to the Holy Spirit as we live and serve in a very diverse community.

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