Noé & Bethany Kasali


We have been serving with Congo Initiative in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo since 2008.

After Noé got an MA in Counseling from Wheaton College, we started the Bethesda Counseling Center, which is a part of Congo Initiative. Today Bethesda offers services such as: children’s play therapy, individual and group counseling with emphases on grief, trauma, forgiveness, and reconciliation, and also training for lay counselors in the community. Our vision is to be a part of bringing healing, reconciliation, and hope to wounded members of our community in eastern DRC.

Married in Congo in 2012, we live and serve in the town of Beni together with our three young daughters.

Prayer Requests:

  • For peace and security in the DRC, and specifically around our area of Beni.
  • For the team helping us at Bethesda, that they will continue to serve, learn, and grow in their ministry to the hurting.
  • Good health and strength for our family.

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