C & R C

C & R C


We live and serve in Northeast Philadelphia, USA, with our two children, Evie and Jonah. Philadelphia is one of the most diverse places in the USA and our region is primarily arabic-speaking North Africans and Middle-Easterners. We work with a diaspora team here to reach arabic speakers with the Gospel, mobilize believers and work towards eventually planting a church.

Chris works with an established Arabic church to teach young adults, and also teaches ESL classes. Rachel is a doula and childbirth educator, serving immigrant and refugee families in our area.

One of our biggest projects is building and maintaining a community garden. The house we purchased in the city came with a large plot of land. Many of our immigrant friends love to grow their own vegetables, and their quality of life here is diminished when they live in cramped quarters with no yard; land is difficult to find in the city! For years, our yard had become an overgrown neighborhood dump. Now, it will be a place of life where all are welcomed to make things grow, sip tea and have meaningful conversations.


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