Steve & Beverly Jones

Steve & Beverly Jones


We spent our first year here in Oaxaca visiting various churches, ministries, missionaries, secular non-profits, etc. to better understand the culture and the needs of this area. This search brought us to 4 activities that we are currently helping out with in some way. Our primary activities are assisting Ellos te Necesitan (They Need You), a local ministry focused on training, sending and supporting Mexican missionaries. We also feel called to assist a local Christian non-profit, Sarai Amparo y Forteleza (Sarai Protection and Strength) to establish a respite near 2 outlying hospitals so that people arriving here with family have a safe place to live while here and be introduced to the gospel. At the lower end of our time committment, we help organize a once-a-month English church service and Bev volunteers with the Women’s Center-a downtown outreach to women involved in prostitution.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for donors to come alongside us as we prepare to purchase land and build the refuge near the hospital. Anticipated needs top US $400k.
  • Pray that avenues will open up to effectively send and support Mexican nationals who desire to serve the Lord cross-culturally.
  • Pray that women working downtown will begin to understand that they are loved unconditionally by a very Great God!

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