Leo & Michele Wurschmidt

Leo & Michele Wurschmidt


We first felt called to Senegal during a global missions dinner at their church in 2007. Despite not even being able to locate Senegal on a map, we felt drawn to serve there. I made my first short-term trip to Senegal in 2010 and has returned with four additional teams.

Since 2010, we have witnessed the incredible growth of the Senegalese Christian church. We have seen this growth in our own church’s partner village of Ndjemane, where the church has grown from two Christians in 2008 to presently over 100. The birth of Ndjemane’s church was due in part to the Christians in their neighboring village. This spreading of the Gospel in Senegal, from one village to its neighboring village continues. As more Senegalese come to know Christ, there is a greater need for training and equipping pastors, church leaders, and church planters.

We feel God is calling us to use their spiritual gifts of administration and leadership in Senegal and the Beacon of Hope (BOH). We are going to fill United World Mission’s immediate need for administrators of the BOH with the desire of facilitating its discipleship and pastoral training, conference, and spiritual retreat center.

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