Rebekka Olandt


God started preparing my heart for missions far before he prepared my mind. Growing up in a missionally focused church my summers were full of meeting missionary families, hearing their stories, and being in awe of what God was doing. A seed was planted.

After spending a summer in the Czech Republic serving alongside missionary families, I saw a need. Investment into the lives of missionary kids. God was calling me back to Europe to use my gift of building relationships to serve these families.

I teach middle & high school math and science to students at the International Christian School of Budapest. ICSB exists to provide a quality, Christian education to missionary kids, internationals as well as local Hungarians. I get the joy of not only preparing these students academically, but seeing them meet Christ and live out of that eternal decision. Everyday I get to share God’s work in regular conversation in the halls, at lunch, in class, and outside of school. Teaching at ICSB means building relationships and fostering growth with the next generation of kingdom workers. Its a blessing!

Pray Requests:

  • Pray for students to come to know and live out of the love of Christ for them on both grand and everyday scales.
  • Pray for eyes to be open to see opportunities to share His love and meet the needs of His people.

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