Ken & Katy Wienecke


Engage 360 Ministries

Katy and I (Ken) have three decades of previous missionary experience (in IT-related domains and general administration) with two Christian organizations prior to our involvement. Since 2019, I have been seconded (loaned) through UWM to [“Engage 360 Ministries” linking to https://www.e360m.org] (“E360” for short), a 3-year-old ministry focused on evangelism training for churches and students to equip them for the heavily secular cultures of today’s world which have lost much of their earlier Judeo-Christian heritage. Evangelism today must address objections (including the reliability of the Scriptures) which remain largely unaddressed by the “legacy methods” created 30-50 years ago.


In February 2022, I transitioned out of my IT role into E360’s newly-created role of Development Director. I now promote the E360, raise funds and recruit staff to fulfill its goal of disseminating its mentored evangelism training courses. That training equips Christians how to comfortably and capably start and guide low-pressure “spiritual conversations” designed to lead the modern skeptical, secular or religiously uneducated person to consider Christ.


Prayer Requests:

  • We always needs more wisdom to meet rapidly-expanding ministry requirements, both technical and non-technical.
  • Petition the Lord of the Harvest to “equip the called” because “the called” has no background in professional fund-raising.
  • Ask God to bring us the additional E360 workers we need to handle the harvest, along with the personal financial support each of them will need.
  • Our personal support has historically been good, but it has been slowly decreasing as our long-time ministry partners move into their later years. Ask God to expand our team.

Stay in Touch:


Email1Ken Cell: 704-301-3576
Email1Katy Cell: 704-843-1848