Christopher & Michelle Hays

Christopher & Michelle Hays


We are serving in Colombia with FUSBC.

Missionaries and scholars have recognized for decades that the future of the Christian Church lies especially in Latin America, Africa, and Asia. These regions are experiencing striking church growth, and it’s thrilling to witness the works of God in the Majority World. But these continents, with all their talented pastors, missionaries, and evangelists, very often lack one key resource in the body of Christ: serious training opportunities for their leaders.

The challenge for places like Latin America is that there are too few seminaries; the seminaries that exist are understaffed. But we see this situation as an opportunity, an occasion for strategic work. If we can support and enrich theological education in Latin America, it could have a cascade effect for future Christian flourishing. Helping train more theologians and more pastors means that more churches can be planted, and that more evangelists and missionaries can be commissioned who will propagate the gospel in a manner characterized by truth, healthy balance, and a proper focus on glorifying God in Christ.

Our vision is to see Majority World seminaries flourish as vibrant, God-glorifying and Church-serving institutions which combine a rigor to rival the top evangelical schools of the North with an uncompromising commitment to the life of God’s people in the South. With this vision, we were thrilled to work with the faculty of the Biblical Seminary of Colombia (BSC, or in Spanish, the Fundación Universitaria Seminario Bíblico de Colombia). Located in the beautiful city of Medellín in the jungle-covered Andes, BSC is one of the premier Protestant seminaries of Latin America. The school is rare among Latin American seminaries, for its student body is largely residential (rather than commuting) and the students commit to a rigorous four-year undergraduate degree aimed at preparing theologically sound and passionate pastors and church leaders. In addition to this bachelor’s program, BSC offers nationwide and city-wide extension programs, and fully accredited online degrees. They sponsor the Bellavista Prison Bible Institute and they also publish their own scholarly journal. We think that BSC is uniquely situated to impact not only Colombia but South America more broadly, and are excited to be part of a team of experienced and talented academics with a shared vision to see the Latin American Church thrive in truth, justice, and love of God.

Prayer Requests:

  • For the development of a graduate program at FUSBC
  • For wisdom and energy in developing and implementing programs to mobilize local Christian churches in their ministry to internally displaced Colombians
  • For passion and effectiveness in training students to interpret the New Testament

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