Brian Alex

Brian Alex


Sicily is a “frontier” field where there is considerable need for gospel workers. Italy, in general, is considered “unreached” by most metrics, and there still has yet to be a true spiritual awakening here.

I started visiting Sicily while a young man in the military, near the end of The Gulf War in the early 1990’s. God put a hook in my heart at that time for the people of Sicily and Italy, and so I’ve been returning to this land ever since. Eventually, it became necessary to live alongside the very people I was reaching out to, and that’s where I’ve been since the summer of 2013.

Mission|Sicily exists to Make Disciples, Plant Churches, and Build Bridges of hope all over Sicily. And this mission does not labor alone! Working alongside indigenous church leaders, as well as expatriate partners, Mission|Sicily is focused on igniting a gospel-centered, disciple-making, church-planting movement that will spread beyond these shores to the mainland of Europe.

Prayer Requests:

  • To have the patience and endurance necessary to labor in this land.
  • To have the wisdom and discernment of God’s timing and direction.
  • To have the partners, resources and courage to be fully obedient!

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