Matt & Elena T

Matt & Elena T


I grew up in Senegal as a missionary kid and had always wanted to return to serve the Lord here. Elena received the call of the Lord on her heart to be a missionary teacher before meeting me.

We had thought that we would move to Senegal early on in our marriage and serve as teachers at Dakar Academy. God knows, His plans are higher. The longing to serve with Him overseas never died, many years later He guided us to Senegal to serve in church planting and support of Mission Inter Senegal.

We help an agency in Thies, Senegal, called Mission Inter Senegal, or MIS. MIS is a mission run by locals that focuses on church planting in the villages of Senegal. Their ministries include; children, women, micro-loans, pastoral training and support, education, discipleship, installation of wells, millet grinders etc.

Along with these many functions they run an “Adopt A Village” program that allows western partners to help MIS in the villages and visit the people of the village. This gives the partners a tangible way to help the people with their adopted village. It also gives MIS staff credibility with the leaders of the villages.

We do communications between MIS, the partners and the villages. We also help the western teams with their visits in the capacity of orientation and debrief. Elena is involved in hospitality and relationship building with local neighbors and friends. All with the hope of bringing the gospel to our neighborhood in the Lord’s good timing.

Pray Requests:

  • Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send workers, for their is so much work to do and so few workers. Luke 10:2
  • Pray for our three children; growing up in another culture has many challenges.
  • Pray for our marriage; that we would remain best friends and one in the Lord. Satan’s attacks are more constant here and destroying our family would be the best way to destroy our witness.

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