Ron & Hanna Krueger

Ron & Hanna Krueger


We were imprinted by the course, Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, and honed our call to missions by taking 8 short-term trips with church teams. We began long term work in 2003, based in Nepal.

After leading a training and media ministry among oral societies in Nepal for 8 years, we moved to Thailand and oversaw teams working in 8 Asian countries until 2015. We are now base in Budapest, Hungary and focus on encouraging and mentoring key leaders in ministry around the world.

Our passion is to create environments of renewal and refreshing that help missionaries and national leaders thrive and radiate Christ from the inside out. Serving United World Mission in Spiritual Formation and Member Care, we help form Christ-like leaders through retreats, spiritual direction, coaching and debriefing.

Pray for:

  • Grace and wisdom to shepherd hearts and lives entrusted to their care
  • Vitality of body, mind and spirit so ministry flows with generosity and overflow
  • Sensitivity to the dangers, demands and distractions that derail leaders, families and ministries

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The following video shows how Ron’s creativity and mentoring assisted development of indigenous-style Bible songs, arts, recordings and radio dramas in Nepal: