Todd & Sarah Hunnicutt

Todd & Sarah Hunnicutt



We work in partnerships with various churches and organizations to help Slovene churches plant more churches. Slovenia has the 14th smallest percentage of evangelicals in the world, with only about 2,000 evangelicals in 40 small churches. Slovenia needs hundreds of more churches!

Since 2001 we have been helping church planters through encouragement, resourcing, producing quality outreach events and concerts, helping through preaching, teaching and training worship teams.

We also work with others to address elements lacking in Slovenia which are foundational for church planting movement:

  • Cultivating focused prayer for Slovenia both in Slovenia and around the world
  • Promoting solid biblical theology and developing theological training
  • Producing quality Christian books and publications; cultivating worship resources and training
  • Helping build biblical unity among Slovenian evangelical churches
  • Mining Slovenia’s spiritual heritage and history to proclaim the Gospel in very Slovene ways

We are grateful for so many who have supported us all these years we have been on the field.  We want to build partnerships with others as many of our older long-time supporters have limited resources or have passed away.  Thank you!


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